Bronchiectasis is a progressive disease process characterized by dilation and destruction of the bronchial walls. Although the condition may be initiated by a number of causes, it is usually the result of recurrent episodes of severe bronchial infection.

Bronchiectasis is distinguished by intense pulmonary inflammation. As a result of the inflammatory process, large quantities of mucus are secreted, mucociliary clearance is compromised, and large amounts of pus-laden mucus pools throughout the bronchial tree. Consequences include:

  • Airway obstruction and mucus plugging, especially in the small airways, initiating a vicious cycle of:
    • Inflammation
    • Bacterial infection
    • Tissue destruction
    • Increased clearance impairment
    • Increased secretion retention
    • Bacterial colonization
  • Persistent airway obstruction and acceleration of the vicious cycle promotes:
    • Infectious bronchitis, bronchiolitis, and pneumonia
    • Air trapping, uneven ventilation, and increased work of breathing
    • Increased risk of infection and acute exacerbation
    • Increased risk of hospitalization
    • Increased risk of mortality

Retained secretions play a well-established, central role in accelerating the disease process. To delay disease progression, excess secretions must be mobilized and cleared. Routine administration of aggressive, effective Airway Clearance Therapy is the most reliable means of accomplishing this goal.

Airway Clearance with The Vest® System

The Vest® Airway Clearance System is an easy-to-use medical device for children and adults. The Vest® System is quiet, comfortable and portable. Its features promote user independence and simplify treatment routines.

The Vest® System uses a technology called High Frequency Chest Wall Oscillation (HFCWO). The Vest® System has an inflatable garment connected by Air Hoses to an Air Pulse Generator. During therapy, the inflatable garment inflates and deflates rapidly, applying gentle pressure to the chest wall. This works to loosen and thin mucus and to move it toward the larger airways, where it can be cleared by coughing or suctioning.

The Vest® System — Safe and Effective Therapy

HFCWO has been widely described in medical literature. More than 80 studies demonstrate the efficacy and safety of HFCWO for a variety of patients.

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