Overview for Patients

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This section is intended for patients, their families and friends who already have – or are considering using – The Vest® Airway Clearance System.

The information presented on these pages is intended to complement the information you receive from your personal physician and is not intended as medical advice. Always discuss your medical issues with a physician.

Diseases & Conditions
Information on diseases and conditions that may require Airway Clearance Therapy.
About The Vest® System
Detailed information about how The Vest® System works.
Patient Stories
Personal accounts of how The Vest® System has improved patients’ lives.
Information Packet for Your Doctor
Not all physicians are familiar with The Vest® System. This information packet details the advantages of The Vest® System for you to take to your physician.
Service & Support
This section includes the phone number for our 24-hour help line, portable document file (PDF) versions of our Patient Instruction Manual and Troubleshooting Guide.
Various videos about how The Vest® System is helping patients with wide-ranging health problems.
Want a better understanding of the medical terminology used by your healthcare team? This glossary of terms can help you understand your condition.

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